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What are your fees?

Cayman eTicketing does not charge event organisers/promoters to use the eTicketing services.

*Ticket purchasers are charged a nominal convenience fee upon check-out which starts at CI$2.20 per ticket and is set based on the actual ticket priced charged by the event organiser/promoter.

Equipment Rental**

Hand-held barcode ticket scanners                        - $20 per scanner, per night

Hands-free barcode ticket scanners                       - $45 per scanner, per night

Laptops                                                             -  $60 per laptop, per night 

Smartphones (models vary, data included)            - $25 per smartphone, per night

WiFi Modems (data included)                                - $20 per modem, per night                                                                    

Alternatively, you can add our ticket scanning App to your smartphone to scan the tickets.

** A refundable security deposit of CI$150 is required for all equipment rentals. This amount will be refunded upon satisfactory return of the equipment.


How do I receive the funds from my ticket sales?

We can deposit them directly in to your local bank account or issue cheque or cash (cash for amounts lower than KYD$1,000 only)


What currencies does your platform support?

Ticket prices are listed in KYD, however, all international currencies on accepted international debit or credit cards can be accepted but will be converted to KYD.


How do I list an event?

Create an event promoter account and add your event and location (or choose a location from the predefined ones).  You can upload your ticket image or event banner to be displayed on your ticket. 


When do I received the funds?

We issue bi-weekly payouts of ticket sales funds with payouts issued the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month.  

The funds paid-out on each payout date will be those collected for ticket sales up to three days before the payout day (all sales received up to the Tuesday immediately prior to the Friday's Payout).

Sales proceeds collected within the three days immediatiely prior to payout are paid on the next payout interval.

  •       Should the payout fall on a public holiday the payout will be made the business day immediately following               the holiday.
  •       If the date of the event is before the next payout, all funds collected up until the event night will be issued             as per the usual payout schedule unless agreed otherwise between Cayman eTicketing and the Promoter.


I understand that the tickets are barcode readable; how do we scan them at the gate?

We provide an app that can be downloaded on any smart device or we can provide a laptop with barcode reader to be setup at the gate.  This will read each ticket and validate it in the database; it can be used on multiple devices if there is more than one check-in point (gate).


What credit card types do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover and Diner's cards in all currencies.  Both Debit and Credit cards. 


I have a question not in the list, how do I ask it?

Please send us an email and we will respond with the relevant information.



Can we view reports and track ticket sales?

Yes, your producer dashboard will provide reports and ticket sale charts, as well as other details about your event and attendees. 



How do I add my event?

Login in to your promoter account and click "My Events" on the left bar. Enter the relevant information in to the fields and save.



How do I add a new venue?

Login in to your promoter account and click "My Venues" on the left bar. Enter the relevant information in to the fields and save.


How do I add my logo or flyer to the ticket?

Please email your graphics to etickets@caymanaisles.com and we will add your logo or flyer to the top slot on your ticket.


Can I have my event banner on the eTickets front page?


Certainly. You can provide your graphic to us or we can design one for you at a small cost of CI$50. To have your banner appear on the front page there is a CI$500 charge per event. 


What size should my artwork be for the homepage slider banner space?


726 px by 289 px is the preferred dimension for the slider banner on the homepage.